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What is #66daysofdata?

#66daysofdata is an initiative started by Ken Jee. The tagline is

66 days. 5 minutes a day. Every day.

While learning Data Science, we get too overwhelmed by the vastness and extraordinary things it has to give us. I felt this thing right after I learnt about few algorithms, Deep…


What is #25DaysOfML?

#25DaysOfML is a Twitter Campaign started by Vedant Bahel to foster discussion and development in Machine Learning. Everyone is welcome to this campaign. It started on 24th May 2021 and ended on 17th June 2021, where many people joined it and shared their everyday journey on Twitter.

KMeans Clustering Algorithm

Remember my Machine Learning blog where I explained about Unsupervised Learning. I talked about how can we segregate/group people based on their hobbies or gender. One of the essential parts of Unsupervised Learning is Clustering. Let’s learn about the most straightforward clustering algorithm today, KMeans Algorithm. …

Have you ever saw a baby since their childhood and observed how they start walking?

Before babies can walk, they need to develop strength and coordination to maintain an upright posture independently. They also need to be able to bear most of their weight — at least momentarily — on…

Natural Language Processing (Part 6)

In the last blog, we left off with the drawbacks of Bag-of-Words. The solution to Bag-of-Words is TF-IDF. TF-IDF stands for “Term Frequency — Inverse Document Frequency”. TF-IDF is a statistical number that evaluates how relevant a word is to a sentence/paragraph/document in a collection/corpus. This algorithm helps machines decipher…

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